Choosing The Right Office Chair

If you think about how many hours you’d spend sitting in a chair at work or at home in front of the computer you will realize that getting a quality ergonomic chair can really be a worth-wile investment.

Otherwise, with office furniture that is not ergonomically designed it can well come about that you risk a variety of health conditions.

What should you look for when getting an ergonomic desk chair?

Lumbar-SupportYour chair should have adequate lumbar support like pictured in the image to the left.

It can be good if you can try out the chair first to get a first idea how comfortable it will feel when you sit down on it.

A good ergonomic chair will furthermore provide a variety of means to adjust it. You should be able to adjust its height, this is especially important if you work long hour in front of a computer.

Adjust the chair, your desk and computer monitor in a such a way that you don’t have to look up or down to get a good view. The upper border of your screen should be in about your eye’s height.

Ergonomic desk chairs today are available in several varieties.There are the conventional office chairs but also those types that allow different beneficial seating positions. It can be a good idea if you have a sales person show you a number of ergonomic chairs so you can try them out before you buy.